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ITACA at "TC 4 - Economic Incentives for Future ATM Implementation"

On June 21, 2021, Engage KTN organized the 3rd workshop of the "Thematic challenge 4 - Novel and more effective allocation markets in ATM", a virtual event that brings together professionals and researchers from the ATM sector to discuss ideas and concepts arising from various SESAR JU projects.

On this occasion, Rubén Alcolea, Nommon Aviation Director, who coordinates the ITACA project, participated in the workshop “Economic incentives for future ATM implementation”, in a panel called “How do we incentivise positive change in ATM?”. Alcolea made a general presentation of the ITACA project, its objectives and the methodologies used. The moderator was Andrew Cook (University of Westminster), and other panelists were Benno Guenther (Salient) for BEACON project, Radosav Jovanović (University of Belgrade) for CADENZA project, and Eduard Gringinger (Frequentis) for SlotMachine project.



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