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ITACA Maturity Gate and Final Review Meeting

The ITACA consortium attended the final review meeting to present the work done in the different work packages and some of the project's key findings.

On July 13th, 2022, all ITACA partners participated in the maturity gate and final review meeting, celebrated in Brussels, to present to the SESAR JU the main activities performed throughout the development of the project. These activities have been focused on:

  • The identification of levers and barriers for technology adoption in air traffic management (ATM). To do so, the project members performed both a qualitative analysis, based on a literature review and stakeholders’ interviews, and a quantitative analysis, which included the development of an economic model.

  • The proposition of a set of policy measures and regulatory changes to be further explored during the project.

  • The development of a modelling toolset that represents the behaviour of the European ATM system by integrating industrial organisation theories with agent-based modelling and behavioural economics.

  • The conduction of gaming experiments and participatory simulations to validate the model at aggregated and individual levels. These experiments helped to define a methodology for the calibration and validation of the ITACA agent-based model, which can be extended to other industries beyond aviation.

  • The analysis of the results obtained in three different case studies performed to employ the ITACA modelling toolset and to benchmark the policies proposed.

During the meeting, representatives from the SESAR JU gave valuable feedback that will be incorporated into the next stages of the ITACA project.

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