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New study about technology adoption in ATM

Saskia van der Loo recently presented the paper The uptake of new technologies in air traffic management. A game of split incentives, by Saskia van der Loo, Christophe Heyndrickx and Eef Delhaye. This study presents an economic model of Airlines and ANSPs and how the interaction between each other may lead to adoption of a given technology.

The analysis uses elements of principal-agent modelling, game theory and transport economics, providing insights such as the need for flexibility in navigational charging regulation or the effectiveness of mandates for implementation of mature technologies, in terms of global welfare. This quantitative approach with a theoretical analysis contributed to shed light on the factors that influence the levers and barriers for the adoption of new technologies in ATM, which is one of the specific objectives of the ITACA project.

The paper was presented during the Bivec-Gibet Transport Research Days 2021, an international conference that discusses the role of transport in urban, energy and climate transitions. The event was celebrated on 27-28 May, 2021, at the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands.



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